About Travel Nursing Jobs

Whether Yearning for Adventure or Job Security, Travel Nursing Jobs are the Answer

What is travel nursing?

Have you ever wanted a choice about where to work or how long? Then travel nursing may be the opportunity you are looking for. Travel nursing jobs allow certified health professionals to take positions that are short term, usually lasting about 13 weeks and sometimes longer.

Travel nursing jobs allow clinics, hospitals and other health facility to employ temporary personnel to fill open positions until a permanent replacement are found or assist with a nursing staff shortage. However, many hospitals and health facilities may try to recruit a travel nurse to fill a full time position if they are satisfied with their performance.

With the increasing shortage of qualified nurses, travel nursing jobs are needed in many locations across the country. As a travel nurse you can travel to new places, explore a new interest or hobby, meet new people and gain valuable work experience all while receiving top nursing pay.

Travelers enjoy new challenges and new locations. Advantage Medical Staffing offers both for travelers. With opportunities nationwide, a change of scenery is always an option. Whether you travel to earn top pay or fulfill a need for adventure, just tell us where you want to go.